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High School Icon App

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“High School Icon is setting up to be one of the nation’s premier television shows and social media networks. It is created for high school students from all over the country and soon expanding to all over the world to showcase their skills. The focus is not only on the artistic talent of each student, but academics and character which will also play a key role in the participation in these productions. We are very excited to be working with some of the most notable stars in the music, firm, and sports industries as judging panels for our contestants. Relationships of major media partners are also soon to be announced.

HSI Showcase 1
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Our first roll out of High School Icon will consist of tens of thousands of high school students uploading their content to our “TIK TOK” like App. Our goal is to encourage as many students as possible to participate in this musical/academic production and to syndicate this production nationwide. The app will be BETA tested in Q4 2021 and the production will begin Q1 2022.

We see an opportunity to expose many very talented kids to our legendary panel of judges to get discovered EARLY! The average age of contestants on “American Idol” and ”The Voice” is 19 years old, which leaves a huge gap for the teens and the “GEN Z” generation. We have the platform to help those kids and do it with an audience of their peers! Imagine if contestants from American Idol not only had the television audience, family, and friends voting for them, but they had all of their classmates, teachers, friends, alumni, local businesses, ect… supporting them as they progressed in the competition? This will become the biggest “Pep Rally” of all time and for all of America to participate in!

In a world that is constantly changing, young adults today see the world from a totally different perspective than the generations before them. Thirty and forty years ago parents often urged their kids to grow up to become doctors and lawyers and teachers or even become astronauts and still do but “GEN Z” sees things differently than “GEN X” and the “Boomers”. Entertainment is one of the driving forces of today’s youth. Many of our youth are plugged into Social Media and aspire to become singers, actors, producers, songwriters, athletes, artists and so much more. We have created an APP that will make a positive impact by helping these dreamers believe in themselves and assist them to take the next step to live their dream. High School Icon hopes to play a pivotal role with today’s teens with positive messaging to stay in school to maximize their opportunities so they too become the next High School Icon!